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About Keyword Position Checker

This tool is scanning through search engine results for the keyword/phrase you entered to determine where your website or link is located. As the test runs, You will see results in the table. Even if you don’t have a position in the top 3, a top 10 position is good news. However, if your website isn’t showing in the top  50 then you have a problem. Either you haven’t optimized for that keyword, or you haven’t followed quality guidelines and your website may be penalized.

Here’s some tips on how you can get a better keyword position:

  • Choose your keywords carefully. Be as specific as possible with long tail keywords, and focus on those with lower competition.
  • Less is more. Websites who optimize for a handful of great keywords will get a higher position than those who optimize for a large number of decent keywords.
  • Quality matters! Search engines reward quality websites that engage human visitors with a higher keyword position.
  • Build valuable backlinks. Just like with keywords, less can be more. Use this tool to check your backlinks to find out the Page Rank of websites that link to your website. Authority links are ideal, and avoid cheap shortcuts like buying a ton of low quality backlinks, as this can result in a lower keyword position or even being blacklisted by search engines.